I am an associate professor of linguistics in the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of the Ryukyus. As a linguist, I am in the business of figuring out how languages work. As a semanticist and pragmatician, I am interested in those aspects of language that bear on how meaning is encoded and conveyed. And as a Ryukyuanist, I document and analyze the endangered languages of the Ryukyus.



Semantics & Pragmatics

Semantics is the study of meaning. More specifically, it is (at least as I understand it) the study of those aspects of meaning that are conventionally encoded as part of the linguistic signal. My research in semantics focuses in large part on those areas of conventional meaning which impinge on areas traditionally considered part of pragmatics. My dissertation looked at the role of sentence final particles in Japanese, studying the ways that these particles shape the purpose to which an utterance is put in a conversation. In more recent work, I have been looking at the role of focus particles in the languages of the Ryukyus, in particular at the role they play in interrogative clauses.


The Ryukyuan language group is a sister language family of Japanese. Spoken from Amami island in the north to Yonaguni island in the southwest, Ryukyuan is a highly diverse language family, with a large number of subvarieties with varying degrees of mutual intelligibility and complex and as yet not fully resolved historical relationships with one another and with Japanese.  A recent UNESCO classification sorts Ryukyuan into 6 distinct languages, but even within these languages, there is a great deal of variation. My research focuses on Yaeyaman, which is one of the three languages comprising the Southern Ryukyuan branch. My work to date has focused mainly on Miyaran, traditionally spoken in the village of Miyara on Ishigaki island.


Christopher Davis
Associate Professor
University of the Ryukyus
Faculty of Law and Letters
1 Senbaru, Nishihara
Okinawa, Japan 903-0213

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