I’ve put some representative papers and handouts/slides from talks together on this page1 I’ve linked to “official” versions of things where possible. In cases where this is legally dubious, I’ve provided preprints; be advised that page numbers and other details may differ between the preprint and final published version.2

Pragmatics Constraints on Subject-oriented Honorifics in Yaeyaman and Japanese (forthcoming). Christopher Davis. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 30. || semantics archive

The Instability of Slurs (2020). Christopher Davis and Elin McCready. Grazer Philosophische Studien. || preprint

Sentence Final Particles in Japanese (2020). Elin McCready and Christopher Davis. Handbook of Japanese Semantics and Pragmatics.

An Invocational Theory of Slurs. (2017). Elin McCready and Christopher Davis. LENLS14.

Evidentiality, Maximize Presupposition, and Gricean Quality in Okinawan (2017). Christopher Davis. NELS47.

Expressives in Questions (2016). Christopher Davis and Elin McCready. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 26

Phonological Reduction and the (Re)Emergence of Attributive Forms in Ryukyuan (2016). Tyler Lau and Christopher Davis. Japanese/Korean Linguistics 23. NEED TO MAKE LINKED ENTRY

Plurality and Distributivity in Yaeyaman Wh-Questions (2015). Christopher Davis. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 25. || semantics archive

Use-Conditional Meaning and the Semantics of Pragmaticalization (2015). Christopher Davis and Daniel Gutzmann. Sinn und Bedeutung 19. NEED TO UPDATE SEMANTICS ARCHIVE PAGE WITH CITATION INFO AND LINK TO PROCEEDINGS PAPER

Tense, Aspect, and Mood in Miyara Yaeyaman (2015). Christopher Davis and Tyler Lau. Handbook of the Ryukyuan Languages. NEED TO ADD LINK TO A PREPRINT

Evidentiality as a Causal Relation (2014). Christopher Davis and Yurie Hara. EISS 10.

The Role of Focus Particles in Wh-Interrogatives: Evidence from a Southern Ryukyuan Language (2014). Christopher Davis. WCCFL 31.

沖縄県宮良方言 [The Miyara Dialect of Okinawa Prefecture] (2014). Christopher Davis. 文化庁委託事業「危機的な状況にある言語・方言の実態に関する調査研究」報告 [Field Research on the State of Endangered Languages and Dialects, Agency of Cultural Affairs, March 2014 Report: 93-101]. ADD LINK TO PAPER

Surface Position and Focus Domain of the Ryukyuan Focus Particle du: Evidence from Miyara Yaeyaman (2013). Christopher Davis. International Journal of Okinawan Studies.

Darou as a Deictic Context Shifter (2013). Yurie Hara and Christopher Davis. FAJL6. ADD LINK TO PAPER

Constraining Interpretation: Sentence Final Particles in Japanese (2011). Christopher Davis. UMass Dissertation.

Decision Theory and Discourse Particles: A Case Study from a Large Japanese Sentiment Corpus (2010). Christopher Davis. PACLIC 24.

Affective Demonstratives and the Division of Pragmatic Labor (2010). Christopher Davis and Christopher Potts. Logic, Language and Meaning (Lecture notes in Computer Science). || preprint

Scope and prosody in the Japanese contrastive topic construction (2010). Christopher Davis. Workshop on Prosody, Syntax, and Information (WPSI). ADD LINK TO FILE (SLIDES)

Decisions, Dynamics, and the Japanese Particle yo (2009). Christopher Davis. Journal of Semantics. ADD PREPRINT

The pragmatics of expressive content: Evidence from large sentiment corpora (2009). Noah Constant, Christopher Davis, Christopher Potts, Florian Schwarz. Sprache und Datenverarbeitung.

Expressive and Identity Conditions (2009). Christopher Potts, Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Ash Asudeh, Rajesh Bhatt, Seth Cable, Christopher Davis, Yurie Hara, Andelika Kratzer, Elin McCready, Tom Roeper, and Martin Walkow. Linguistic Inquiry.

Contexts, decisions, and the Japanese particle yo (2008). Christopher Davis. LENLS. ADD LINK TO FILE(S)

The pragmatic values of evidential sentences (2007). Christopher Davis, Christopher Potts, and Margaret Speas. Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 17.

[Evidence against movement in Japanese relative clauses] (2006). Christopher Davis. ECO5. ADD LINK TO HANDOUT

  1. Basically, anything I have evidence that other people want to look at, or which I myself would like other people (including you!) to look at. A more comprehensive list of my output can be find on my cv. ↩︎

  2. Obviously I would never suggest that you use anything like sci-hub to download official versions of things that are behind a paywall. ↩︎