Okinawa Semantics Workshop

This past weekend (July 31st) we held the 3rd Okinawa Semantics Conference, with young researchers from throughout Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore)  getting together in Okinawa.

The program:

10:00am   Yurie Hara (City University of Hong Kong)

                            Darou as an entertain modal

10:45am   Kunio Kinjo (Rutgers)

                            Topicalized wh – A semantics of wh-wa phrases in Japanese

11:30am              Lunch

1:00pm    Regine Lai, Zoe Luk, and Grégoire Winterstein (Hong Kong Institute of Education)

                            The insertion of `ghost’ expressives in Cantonese: intensification or negation?

1:45pm    Christopher Davis and Eric McCready (University of the Ryukyus and Aoyama Gakuin)

                            Grammatical and contextual dependencies in expressive meaning

2:30pm               Coffee break

3:00pm   Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (National University of Singapore)

                            ACD and the scope of even

3:45pm   Lukas Rieser (Kyoto University)

                             Preparatory conditions as implicatures: Bias in questions and assertions

And some photos:

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